Microsoft Word - Access Grammar Settings (Grammar & Style) through VBA

Asked By John Wirth on 22-Mar-12 06:35 AM

I am running code to launch grammar check and have set the options to check grammar with spelling. This is a document which many people use, so I need to specify in code the grammar & style options. The language being checked is English UK and this is also specified with the language option and in the code.

However, what I cannot find is how to reference & change settings for grammar & style- ie Options> Spelling & Grammar> Grammar Options and the actual options such as Capitalisation, Negation, Punctuation, Contrations, Numbers, Cliches etc.

Anyone have any ideas please?
Asked By John Wirth on 26-Mar-12 03:08 PM
Thanks James, but it's the grammar & style settings within options for spelling & grammar check that I want to changes through VBA, nothing to do with find & replace.
John Wirth replied to John Wirth on 10-Jul-12 04:44 PM
Hi, would still like to know if this is possible- ie, changing grammar settings such as capitalisation; fragments and run-ons, misused words; negation; noun phrases etc as well as style- cliches, colloquialisms, and jargon, contractions, fragment- stylistic suggestions; words in split infinitives; relative clauses etc.