ASP.NET - Set the user permission pages to Accordion Ajax Control in master page

Asked By mostafa hamdy on 22-Mar-12 08:42 AM
Hello all
I have some web site built in 4.0 and I have login page  the user enter his/her user name and password and the system authenticate the user correctly and determine the URL he she belongs to , and then the user have to be redirected to page has accordion an Ajax tool kit control which list the user permission pages in this accordion control , please I want to know how can I build the master page which contains the accordion control and fill in the accordion with the user permited pages , please if any body get what I mean and can help me please send me or tell me about some URL may help me in doing that\
[)ia6l0 iii replied to mostafa hamdy on 11-Apr-12 02:14 PM
Should be easy. 

Set the DataSource property of the Accordion control based on the user priveliges. That is , build the datasource according to the user permissions/your business logic and then assign it to the Accordion control. 

This way, the UI is not coupled with the datasource in a tight manner too. 

Hope this helps.