SharePoint - form library, multiple content types and calculated columns

Asked By nancy drew on 22-Mar-12 02:58 PM
moss 2007 / wss 3.0 / infopath 2010

I have a form library with version 1 and version 2 of the content types.

the fields are obviously the same. I'd like to use them in a calculated column

=IF([Content Type]="Form",[IT Complete],[IT Complete])

works fine with the original content type, but not the new one.

if I choose the column individually it displays data. but not in this column. What's going on?
Pat Hartman replied to nancy drew on 22-Mar-12 06:12 PM
Regardles of the outcome of the IF(), the statement returns the same value.  Is that your intention?  If so, there is no point to the IF()