VB 6.0 - packaging - Asked By Martin Byansi on 25-Mar-12 08:35 AM

I have read through the solutions but how can i transfer the ACCESS db within the package?
D Company replied to Martin Byansi on 25-Mar-12 12:11 PM
visual studio provides a feature to create package for deployment,u can use package and deployment wizard on microsoft visual studio

Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 -> Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 tools -> Package and Deployment wizard.
In the package type select standard setup package and click next ->select the destination drive where u want to create the package folder .

Then after click add to insert some other files from your project to the list.and here add your access DB file then locate your DB file and click open to add the file to the list.

You also have choice to create our package as standalone,if u want your setup becomes a standalone package select single cab otherwise if u want part installer then select multiple cab.

hope this helps
Somesh Yadav replied to Martin Byansi on 26-Mar-12 02:40 AM
Look at inserting binary objects into the database.