VB 6.0 - Error - Asked By vinayak on 01-Apr-12 06:59 AM

Hi fiends,

when i open my exe file i got this error,

Run-Time error '-2147467259 (80004005)':   [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied 

Please tell how to solve this problem?......
Peter Bromberg replied to vinayak on 01-Apr-12 07:18 AM
The application is looking for a SQL Server that either does not exist, or the credentials it is using are not valid. The "message is the message" here. You didn't provide sufficient additional information for anybody to be able to tell you how to fix it.
Reena Jain replied to vinayak on 02-Apr-12 06:39 AM

That error means that the connection to the database server was not done correctly. The reasons could be
wrong hostname being specified
firewall blocking connections
change of IP,
wrong port being used or break in TCP/IP conection while accessing the database server

check above setting is done properly