Lounge - Few recommendations: - Asked By [)ia6l0 iii on 01-Apr-12 12:23 PM

a) Abuse feature - Need to increase the url field length by at least double. I started by generating tiny url's, but if you could increase the length - It will be great. 

b) Need to remove the whitespaces (if not minify) in the common.js. There is a good 10 blank lines at the end of the file, and else where. Love to see the site loads a second faster.

c) The common.js file can be cached. 
Robbe Morris replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 01-Apr-12 12:35 PM
The common.js file is already being gziped by IIS.  The file is only 24k prior to being compressed.  I'm not terribly concerned about the whitespace. 

Sorry about the url field length.  There was a MaxLength setting in there that should not have been added at all.  It has been fixed.