C# .NET - The server is unwilling to process the request. - ActiveDirectory

Asked By Anandh Ramanujam on 03-Apr-12 11:11 AM


Im trying to add the groups to the user. But it gives error while commitchanges:
The server is unwilling to process the request.

Please find the code below.

for(intx = 0; x < arrGroup.Length; x++)
DirectoryEntry FilterEntry = newDirectoryEntry(http://forums.asp.net/t/1786411.aspx/1?The+server+is+unwilling+to+process+the+request+);
Search = newDirectorySearcher(FilterEntry);
Search.Filter =string.Format("(&(objectclass=group)(CN=" + arrGroup[x] +
SearchResultCollectionresultcol = Search.FindAll();
if(resultcol.Count > 0)
foreach (SearchResult sr
foreach (string PropertyName
foreach (object retentry
GroupDN =
GroupDN ="" + retentry.ToString() +
de = new
twGroup.WriteLine("Assigned as member to the group " +
" -- "+ arrGroup[x]);

twGroup.WriteLine("Group " +" -- " + arrGroup[x] +" -- " +
" not found");

When Iam try creating a new account, then it will add the groups to the users successfully. But when I enable the disabled account and then trying to add the groups, then only it creates the problem like The server is unwilling to process the request

Can u pls help me in this regard....

Suchit shah replied to Anandh Ramanujam on 03-Apr-12 11:29 AM
I think for that first of all you required to check the Rights for service account which you are using . this type of error also come when there is insufficient privileges and have you tried with Domain Admin account ? 
Anandh Ramanujam replied to Suchit shah on 03-Apr-12 11:37 AM

Yes, I am the using dedicated account for this AD processes.

Everything is working fine with this account. Is there anything to be cautious when enable the accout from disabled state. I think some thing is there but i couldnt find....
Suchit shah replied to Anandh Ramanujam on 03-Apr-12 03:02 PM
You have to enable schema changes in registry. Open regedit and localte
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters\Schema Update allowed
to 1.

See http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=285172