PHP - Integrating the google checkout - Asked By jakeer basha on 05-Apr-12 05:39 AM

hi,i integrated google checkout sandbox in my site(PHP),i successfully entered into google checkout and made payments,i got mails from google checkout regading my order,
but here am not getting response from google checkbox regarding my order status(order inforamtion etc) to update my database
Somesh Yadav replied to jakeer basha on 05-Apr-12 05:50 AM
check this,
Parag Satpute replied to jakeer basha on 05-Apr-12 05:53 AM
You will have to Implement a notification handler in your Google Checkout. This will be used for retrieving the order info. on the sales.
Checkout uses notifications to programmatically inform you about orders. When the state of an order changes, Checkout sends an HTTP post to a URL on your server containing a serial-number parameter, like this:

Here is a working example of this,