Lounge - windos mobile 8525 - Asked By karla zamora on 07-Apr-12 12:51 AM

my phone wont read my  2GB memory card, i try to put the memory card into my pc to see if it will read it but it dousent read it. I know that it is no the phone because i put another memory card and it ready it, what can i do so my phone will read the memoty card.
Suchit shah replied to karla zamora on 07-Apr-12 12:56 AM
Then there is a strong chance that your 2 GB memory card is get damaged because it is not reading on your phone as well as in your PC then having a strong chance that it got damaged and want work
Anoop S replied to karla zamora on 07-Apr-12 02:35 AM
the problem maybe at your Memory card or your phone. Try to insert your Memory card into another phone. If that phone can read it then there should be no problem at your Memory card.
Otherwise, try to insert a readable Memory card to your phone. If your phone can't read it, then you have an issue about your phone's card reader.
If the problem is in your Memory card, go buy a new one. If the problem at your phone, go to some repaire centre
karla zamora replied to Anoop S on 07-Apr-12 05:18 PM
okay thank you