Microsoft Excel - Concatenate error - Asked By Susan Bessette on 18-Apr-12 11:32 AM

Hello, what causes the concatenate formula to input the acutal formula into the space where the result is to be displayed. 
We need cell A2 and A3 to combine and enter the result in A14, so we insert our cursor in A14 and click on the concatenat formula and click A2 tab down to the next and click A3 and it returns the formula instead of the answer.

=CONCATENATE(A2,B3) is what we get for the answer instead of the actual answer.

Pichart Y. replied to Susan Bessette on 18-Apr-12 11:51 AM
Hi Susan,

I guess, the column A is formatted as Text...
  • Try this 
    • click to select whole column A
    • at menu data > text to columns
    • then format that column to be general
    • the formula will calculate, you will get the result.
Hope this help.

Pichart Y
Devil Scorpio replied to Susan Bessette on 18-Apr-12 12:25 PM

use the formula in formula bar, then press enter to get result in A14


I checked its working fine
Venkat K replied to Susan Bessette on 18-Apr-12 10:03 PM
If i'm not mistaken, I see there is B3 in your formulae which it shouldn't exist.
It should be A3 instead of B3.

Rather checking for concatenate formulae and select the cells through wizards, i suggest you to directly use the concatente formulae in the formulae bar:


and make sure the the formats in the cells are in text format.

Somesh Yadav replied to Susan Bessette on 18-Apr-12 11:59 PM
Make sure calculation is set to automatic.

In Excel 2007:

Formulas tab>Calculation>Calculation Options>Automatic

All other versions of Excel:

Tools>Options>Calculation tab>Automatic>OK