Oracle Database - ORA-12154 error - Asked By farrukh on 01-May-12 02:27 AM

Hi All,

I am connecting to third party application iam getting error

ORA-12154: Tns: could not resolve the connect identifier specified driver's SQLsetConnectAttr Failed

I have windows 7 operating system 64 bit and my oracle and third party application is 32 bit i go to path C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe and set odbc for oracle 10g home the connection string works fine when i do test connection but doesnot connect to application any idea ?


S K replied to farrukh on 01-May-12 02:56 AM
This error comes when driver for oracle are missing or not supported due to older version so you need to check that driver on your system.
check this thread for details

hope this helps you
farrukh replied to S K on 01-May-12 03:12 AM
Yes driver on the system but for 32 bit not for 64 what can i do ? when i go to admistrative tool odbc doesnt find 64 bit driver for oracle ?
S K replied to farrukh on 01-May-12 06:33 AM
You need install the proper driver for you system if that is 64 bit