Microsoft Excel - Which is the best way to import Excel file :

Asked By vinod kumar on 01-May-12 05:25 AM

Hi friends ,
which is  the best way to import excel file. or  what is the better way to import, bulk amount of data using excel.

thanks in advance...
S K replied to vinod kumar on 01-May-12 05:56 AM
Best way is use SSIS packages to import excel file

Venkat K replied to vinod kumar on 01-May-12 07:25 AM
If you have the facilitiy to use SSIS yes this is the best way to import the Excel file. Just create an Integration Services package that load the Excel file or use the Import and export wizard.

Finally you can call this package from if required.

wally eye replied to vinod kumar on 01-May-12 05:22 PM
What are you importing the Excel spreadsheet into?  Is it another spreadsheet, a database, a business platform?
Donald Ross replied to vinod kumar on 03-May-12 08:16 AM

Did you get your answer?  Did you find a solution to your question?  I like Wally would like to know if you are talking about pulling informationn into excel or from excel.  if it is from excel what software are you trying to pull the data into.
also what kind of bulk data. 

There are plenty of people here that would like to help just need a little more information.

Have a good day.