Silverlight / WPF - Add popupcontrol inside datagrid in SL

Asked By gopal krish on 04-May-12 03:24 AM
how to Add popupcontrol inside datagrid in SL?

when i click a particular buuton inside grid then only i want to shpw the pop up inside grid.

need ur suggestions.

Robbe Morris replied to gopal krish on 04-May-12 09:13 AM
"Inside" the datagrid.  The popup control is designed to render controls over the "top" of other controls.  Can you elaborate more on what you specifically want to happen?
[)ia6l0 iii replied to gopal krish on 05-May-12 11:52 PM
There are good set of techniques to show the popups in Silverlight. 

One of them is by using the Popup class that is available in the System.Windows.Controls.Primitives namespace. If you are interested to read more on this class, please visit 

The same page has a decent sample on how to use this popup control. Toggle the IsOpen property of the popup control, through button clicks and you should be good to go. Below is a snippet from the MSDN link. 

// Create the popup object.
Popup p = new Popup();
// Set the Child property of Popup to the border 
// which contains a stackpanel, textblock and button.
p.Child = border;

// Set where the popup will show up on the screen.
p.VerticalOffset = 25;
p.HorizontalOffset = 25;

// Open the popup.
p.IsOpen = true;

Hope this helps.