C# .NET - Automate Saving A File Using WebbrowserControl(without Display DIALOG)

Asked By ALOK RANJAN on 04-May-12 06:39 AM
hi everyone,,,
                     I want to

Automate Saving A File Using Webbrowser Control (without Displaying SAVE Dialogbox)
And also i want to unzip before saving that file 
Please chk this:- http://s3.amazonaws.com/alexa-static/top-1m.csv.zip
When ever we navigate this url from webbrowser control it open a popup for file download but I want to after navigation file should be automatically download in application folder (folder name given by me ) and also give me any idea how we decompressed that file before saving in application folder .

Please help me I am in problem...It will be highly appreciated to all.

Thanks & Best Regards
Alok Ranjan