Windows 7 - Restore Point In win 7 Ulimate - Asked By Sohaib Jamil on 04-May-12 01:45 PM

how i make restore point in windows 7 altimate and benifites it ....? can i restore windows as this point as a new windo i install.... ? and how i manualy make restore point only not weekly.... and also recomend me antiviruce for windows 7 ultimate 64-bit..
dipa ahuja replied to Sohaib Jamil on 04-May-12 01:51 PM
You can go to system restore from :

Start → Accessories → System Tools

here you may find some restore point which are generated automatically when u install specific type of software, or you can even create restore point by urself.

and restore it back to that restore point any time.
Sohaib Jamil replied to dipa ahuja on 04-May-12 02:10 PM
but how i make it manually ....
dipa ahuja replied to Sohaib Jamil on 04-May-12 02:23 PM
in windows 7 i think there is no option for creating manually, but you can download 3rd party tool.. 

Venkat K replied to Sohaib Jamil on 04-May-12 11:26 PM
Manually you mean? if you are trying to create Restore Point manually  then ,
create a restore point for windows 7 Start / Control Panel / System / System Protection / At bottom of screen last button on right says create. Click it and it will ask you to create a restore point discription for the restore. hope this helps you.

I recommend to use Avira AntiVirus to use with Windows 7. It's the best and i'm curently using it. You can download the free version which has only a few options, but you can also buy new with very little price.