PHP - i need php pop up chat script - Asked By Olusegun A. on 06-May-12 01:32 PM

Hello Friends,
Pls am developing a marketplace website. I have registered members and I need a chat script for sellers and buyers to be able to chat together.

This is how I want it.
Once a buyer view any product, there will be a button (CHAT WITH SELLER) to show if the seller is also online, if the buyer clicks on the button (CHAT WITH SELLER), a pop up chat window will pop up from the bottom or side of the website like that of facebook. Since the buyer & seller have signed in, they can just start chatting unless if the buyer didn't log in, he will be asked to login. Pls which script can do this or can you design this script for me? I have seen some scripts but they will open chat page which is not what is want, i prefer the chat to remain on the window so that even if the buyer move to another page on the website, the chat box will still remain.


kalpana aparnathi replied to Olusegun A. on 06-May-12 01:55 PM

you'd need to use applets or maybe flash, or javascript on the client that polls the server at a frequent interval to see if someone is initiating a chat with the user. Because of the nature of HTTP you can't do this in PHP. Once the server has finished sending the data to the client the communication is broken off. Only by using client side scripting to create and maintain a constant connection to the server

Olusegun A. replied to kalpana aparnathi on 06-May-12 05:58 PM

Thanks Kalpana, then do you know any that i can use