Lounge - What will be the role of .net developer in MS forefront Manager?

Asked By Murali Joshi on 07-May-12 02:55 AM
Hi All,

I want to know everybody's openion, if there is any scope for experience .net developer in MS forefront identity manager?
please let me know if I want to switch to this technology it will be benefitial for me in carrer/professional growth or not?

Suchit shah replied to Murali Joshi on 07-May-12 03:44 AM
Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) changes the current state of identity management by providing powerful end user self-service capabilities.

As per my personal experience as of current market scenarion there is a very very limited scope in this . from .net if you want swith then i would prefer you to go for Silverlight , sharepoint, Azure... this are the few technology which demand are there in market and you get the job as well as work on this technology quite easily.

But there is very difficult to get some expert guidance on MS forefront manager if you stuck some where as well as limited scope is there