ASP.NET - google analytics - Asked By Naveed Mohammed on 07-May-12 08:53 AM

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    im trying to show facebook like on google analytics, as per below link 

  but in my google analytics page, visitors/audience - social - action is not availabe only below list is available 

   Audience -- Overview --Demographics -- Behavior -- Technology --  Mobile -- Custom -- visitors flow
  Advertising  -- AdWords 
  Traffic Sources -- Overview --Sources -- Search Engine Optimization -- Social 
  Content -- Overview -- Site Content -- Site Speed -- Site Search -- Events -- AdSense -- In-Page Analytics
  Conversions -- Goals -- Ecommerce -- Multi-Channel Funnels 

  can anyone help me,
Somesh Yadav replied to Naveed Mohammed on 08-May-12 02:31 AM
Check this link

From what I can understand, all you do is put some javascript on each web page but this article explains more.  The Tracking Code appears to be a unique identifer for your site.
check this,

Anil Kumar replied to Naveed Mohammed on 17-May-12 08:07 AM
The count would display on your web page, not in any HTML page coding that can be seen by you or read by Google Analytics: it is a dynamic link between Facebook and your page, one that is not "shared" by any other function -- Facebook does not "share" data with Google, thus your Facebook attributes will not 'show up' in Analytics or Webmaster Tools! 

Thank you