Lounge - Freelance projects - Asked By HJ JH on 09-May-12 05:17 AM


I am software developer and want to know the best sites for getting the freelance projects.
Kindly guide me for the same
Venkat K replied to HJ JH on 09-May-12 05:19 AM
You can opt for different types of projects with different technologies, this is a good site to start:


HJ JH replied to Venkat K on 09-May-12 05:55 AM
thank you.
Ramendra Kumar replied to HJ JH on 09-May-12 06:19 AM
you may also go to elance.com
Somesh Yadav replied to HJ JH on 09-May-12 07:40 AM
check this,

Suchit shah replied to HJ JH on 10-May-12 12:56 AM

As per my Knowldge few good site to bid for project and which is geniun are
www. vworker.com

In this site you can create your own account and bid on the project and based on that you get the project and you have to finished it in to specified time duration