Lounge - Please help me in right direction towards my abroad offer.

Asked By Rahul Khanna on 11-May-12 01:59 AM
Dear All,

I have been offered from a Saudi Company with the salary of monthly take home: 6000 SAR

Apart from the Salary company will provide the following:

1. Housing (will be provided by company)
2. Medical Insurance(with all family members).
3. Transportation facility(Pick and Drop from house to job and job house).
4. Yearly once 30 days paid leave(to home country) with both way air tickets inclusive all family members.
5. Visa and work permit process cost will be taken care by company.

I have three members in my family(myself, my wife and my 2 years old kid). My question is: is the above salary (6000 SAR monthly) is good? and how much can we save at the max and min (as per above only monthly expense to be carried out by from my end)? Should i accept this offer and go ahead?....I don't have anybody in Saudi, so it making me so much of confused.....please somebody help me with right direction.....please...please..please.

Suchit shah replied to Rahul Khanna on 11-May-12 07:55 AM
See first of all I would suggest you that all this benifits given by the company is OK... but first of all check from your end that particular job is how much secure because some time happen that people will go there and then after they will relive it with in 3-6 month... so if there is no job security as well as contract of 6 month then this type of opportunity is not much useful because we dont have any job security...

second now the matter of saving the money that totall depends on person to person based on their expenses and life style of leaving so this is not possible to say how much u can save but i can say one thing company is providing house , transpotation, medical so you have only your expense of food as well as other expense like ( go to visit some place , like movie, watch new place) so still you can save good money..

But most important thing just check your job security and then take any decision because as u all ready said here you have family member ( ur wife and son) so think twice before taking decision because end of the day they are depends on you

Hope this will helps you
dipa ahuja replied to Rahul Khanna on 13-May-12 09:07 AM
1 SAR = 14 INR means 84000INR.

I don't think its a good offer. more over is ur family will also be there with you? think about everything and decide.
[)ia6l0 iii replied to Rahul Khanna on 13-May-12 11:04 AM
Which is your native country?

Rahul Khanna replied to Suchit shah on 18-May-12 01:20 PM
Hi Suchit,

Thanks for your reply with description. My offer is 2 years extendable contract is it good or bad? As you mentioned that it happens after going their they will relieve (some time) after 3 to 6 months. How to confirm this with my offer?  Now I am only concerned with job security after going their and more over my family will be with me.  Please suggest me is this offer good or bad?

Rahul Khanna replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 18-May-12 01:22 PM
My native country is: India
Suchit shah replied to Rahul Khanna on 19-May-12 03:56 AM
Then Definately it is not good deal because if they relive u in 6 - 8 month then after you do have any job there you can be able to get some job there but that will be very hard to find because here u want get job easily like US or UK
Rahul Khanna replied to Suchit shah on 23-May-12 01:17 PM
Thanks for your reply...please do not get irritate, at what basis you are saying they may relieve in 6 to 8 months since my contract 2 years extendable. Could you please share me the possible reason...i have asked the same question to them but they told there is no chance at all what I am thinking even we are looking for long term candidate...this type of assurance they are giving.