Microsoft Access - Records in Table Disappearing...HELP!

Asked By Miss Jones on 11-May-12 03:39 PM
I have a very simple form where users enter information.  The only way to access the form is through the switchboard and each form is opened in Add Mode.  The Startup options are such that users can do nothing but enter information and close the form.  Since the fields are bound to a table, the data entered saves to the table whether users hit the Save button or not (I just put it there because it gave the appearance of closure).  Once the user has entered their information, they can go back to the switchboard and choose the option that allows them to do a name search for all records they've entered.  This option on the switchboard is linked to a report that pulls from a very simple query of the table.  My problem is that users are saying they completed a form, but it's not showing anywhere - not the name search report or the table.  I thought this was caused by user error, so I asked them to print the screen after they enter their information on the form (it has a field that shows the date/time a box on the form is clicked).  One employee did me one better - she did a name search immediately after completing a form.  It shows the record.  However, when I do a name search a couple of hours later, it doesn't show the record.  I verified with the table - there is no longer a record of that form.  How is this possible? Our employer has regional offices in multiple locations; the database is stored on a network.  Does this have anything to do with why table records are totally falling off the map?
Shan P replied to Miss Jones on 11-May-12 05:43 PM
It would be what you're speculating. What is the database being used? What is the switchboard application your employees are using? Is it a desktop application or a website that they use? 
Shan P replied to Shan P on 11-May-12 05:43 PM
"It would be" - I meant "it could be"
Pat Hartman replied to Miss Jones on 20-May-12 04:37 PM
It is difficult to guess without actually seing the database but some things to look at:
1. Are all required fields being populated including any foreign keys?  For example, if you are entering orders and your app allows the order to be saved without a customerID then you would never find that order via the customer search.
2. Have you actually opened the table and looked for the record?  If the PK is an autonumber, sort descending by it to see the most recently entered record.
3. You can't use a form in DataEntry view for searching since it will only show records that were added since the form was last opened.
4. Check the criteria being used for the report.
5. If the queries contain joins, they may need to be left joins to bring up records that have no match in the many-side table.  Using our order entry example again.  An inner join of Customer to Order will only return customers that have placed orders.  If you want ALL customers, you need to use a left join.