SharePoint - reassigning a task - Asked By Bookworm on 14-May-12 03:30 AM

My problem is :
1-the initial user open a new issue, and then workflow goes in progress status. 
2-the initial user reassign the task to a user from group inputusers, and then workflow goes copmleted status
3-the third task , after being approved has to go in closed status but the problem is the third task has to be asigned to the user that approved the first workflow.

Do you have any idea?it is very urgent to me.

thnx in advance

Jitendra Faye replied to Bookworm on 15-May-12 01:27 AM
For this you need to maintain one sharepoint list, create one list and maintain status of task on that list,
for this take any listItem that will be changed based on status of task.

Now attach one workflow for this SharePoint list and change the status of workflow based on status field.