ASP.NET - customer support chat - Asked By hshjfg hshjfg on 14-May-12 08:27 AM

looking for API or control to use in to make private voice and IM chat with customers for support(not a public chat ), i saw office communicator 2007 have "Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access AJAX Service SDK 1.0" but i  want to start with the best free API, it will be greet if the admin side application can support smartphone OS like IOS and android.
LIJO PHILIP replied to hshjfg hshjfg on 15-May-12 12:40 AM
There are various controls for doing that you will get it here. Download the one which you like. 
Jitendra Faye replied to hshjfg hshjfg on 15-May-12 01:23 AM
For this you can use iConf dll,

It provides you to Create video conferencing applications easily, or add video/audio/text conferencing and screen sharing capabilities to the application that you are developing, with this easy to use SDK for the .NET framework .

But this is also paid,

refer this link for more help-
Somesh Yadav replied to hshjfg hshjfg on 15-May-12 02:46 AM
check this,