ASP.NET - name change for file upload button - Asked By msakt on 15-May-12 01:08 AM

 create file upload button in button text show browse now i want upload text instead of browse
Jitendra Faye replied to msakt on 15-May-12 01:16 AM
There are some workaround for this-
Neha Garg replied to msakt on 15-May-12 01:29 AM

If you are using .Net control than technically it is not possible, but you can achieve it in another way by following the code on below link:
Somesh Yadav replied to msakt on 15-May-12 02:23 AM


As far as I know, we cannot localize the file upload dialog box. It is a client call and its language depends on the language of the OS on the client side.

If you just wish to change the language on the click button, you can use ,

  1. <div mce_keep="true">make a button (for instance an input; it doesn't even have to run at server)</div>
  2. <div mce_keep="true">when the button is clicked, perform some javascript</div>
  3. <div mce_keep="true">the javascript will get the fileInput, and perform the click on it.</div>
  4. <div mce_keep="true">the 'Open File'-dialog is opened by pressing on a button you can modify any way you want.</div>
  5. <div mce_keep="true">Hide the fileInput control</div>

to make a file upload control yourself. The only way to change the file open dialog box is to construct an ActiveX control of your own to do this.

dipa ahuja replied to msakt on 15-May-12 08:22 AM
You cannot change that. because its the UI of fileupload. you can extra label for that.