Microsoft Excel - sum during a date period - Asked By John on 17-May-12 11:08 AM

Please find attached file for your reference and help me.
From 22/12/2012 to 23/01/2012 (3) Persons were on the mess John,Subash,Chacko    
From 23/01/2012 Chacko left the Mess (Resigned).24/01/2012 to 05/02/2012 (2) person were on the mess (John & Subash)
From 05/02/2012 to 25/02/2012 John was on Vacation so he was not in the mess. Only Subash on the mess.    
From 25/03/2012 to 14/05/2012 Vijay was on Mess (Resigned & go away)    
From 18/04/2012 to 14/04/2012 Girish came to mess so (4) Persons were on the mess    
18/04/2012 to 26/04/2012 cash purchase so it should divide and add to 4 persons (John,Subash,Vijay & Girish
Total for Each :Person
John =
Chacko =
Subash =
Girish =
Vijay =
wally eye replied to John on 17-May-12 10:29 PM
You are going to need to parse the data into date and person columns and keep it consistent.  Is there logic associated with the text you are putting in, or is it simply free-form text?
John replied to wally eye on 18-May-12 07:37 AM
I need sum for each person. How can we do the calculation? .Each persons calculation should made as per the note wrote down on the excel sheet attached. How can we do the calculation as per the description given there,