PHP - How to hide links sources in XML file? - Asked By Gokhan Metepe on 19-May-12 03:04 PM

I have created this XML file:  

In this link, as you see, i have put links and unfortunately links sources can be seen.

But  i dont want visitors to see my links sources.

Like this page;  

What shall i do?
Sreekumar P replied to Gokhan Metepe on 20-May-12 02:32 AM

One thing I can say is that, the URL itself is a Data that u want to need.
So you have to send it with the XML, but u can do a Encryption for the URL.
And decrypt it before binding it to LINKS.

please mark helpful if it seems to be that
Sreekumar P
kalpana aparnathi replied to Gokhan Metepe on 20-May-12 06:23 AM

Use session for the user and check it for proper authentication is matched then shows otherwise hide it .Try below code for checking authorization.

if(isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'])) {
   echo "<p>Show the link</p>";
else {
   echo "<p>NoT For public authorization</p>";

Jitendra Faye replied to Gokhan Metepe on 21-May-12 12:15 AM
If you are showing data in xml file theb you can not hide that link source , for this it is better to maintain your links in different XML file.

Create one more xml with no links and show this xml data to user, and maintain one more file only for links, which will be hidden from user.

Gokhan Metepe replied to Jitendra Faye on 28-May-12 04:15 AM
Thanks for your replies. I will try your methods.
Jitendra Faye replied to Gokhan Metepe on 28-May-12 04:45 AM
yes, try and let me know. if you will fill any difficulty.
Vera Onas replied to kalpana aparnathi on 18-Jun-12 06:56 AM
How can I my Mac Adress to this Code ?