Exchange Server - Monitoring. - Asked By mohamed kalim ansari on 21-May-12 04:46 PM

Dear sir.

I want to Monitor my all Exchange 2007 Organization. Like Mailbox Server, HUT, CAS, UM and Edge Server.

Dear sir. My IT Director want to monitor all Services related mailbox, HUB, CAS, UM and Edge server.

he want to monitor currently logged on mailboxes,  mail traffic, mail flow, letency, mailbox logon status, mailbox logon status history, database status, server helth, and send and recevied connectors so please give solution.

Thanks Regard.
Somesh Yadav replied to mohamed kalim ansari on 22-May-12 12:39 AM
check this,
Jitendra Faye replied to mohamed kalim ansari on 22-May-12 12:50 AM
For this you need to set to start monitoring manually.

The Microsoft Search (Exchange Server) and Microsoft Exchange Monitoring services are set to start manually. All other services are set to start automatically.

Follow this link , here you will get service name and how to start those services.

Hope this will help you.
Neha Garg replied to mohamed kalim ansari on 22-May-12 11:07 AM

on the above mentioned link.... you'll get the direct process to monitor the services on Exchange 2007......

hope it helps....
[)ia6l0 iii replied to mohamed kalim ansari on 28-May-12 01:24 PM
The Exchange Server Management Pack for System Center Operations (SCO) with the version for 2007, gives you more monitoring than many of the other programs. 

You can download it from the following Microsoft Download url. 

There is a document available with the download as well. It gives you a brief introduction on the features in this Pack. 

Hope this helps.