Microsoft Access - MS Access version 2002 in WIN7 with Office 2010

Asked By Raja yashwanth Reddy Gunda on 23-May-12 11:21 AM

I have few Access Databases which uses Macros with screens used for input/update transactions and these databases are developed using MS Access 2002 version. I have upgraded my OS to WIN7 along with MS office 2010, when I tried using the above mentioned Access Databases, I am getting few problems and that are not consistent. To avoid them
I Had to have Access 2002 alone and MS Office 2010. Still I am getting the some sort errors and some times the transactions doesn't succeed at all. 

My aim to have Access 2002 & MS Office 2010 installed on the same computer with WIN7, and also I am not interested to upgrade the Access Dbs to higher versions due some other reasons.. Is there any patch or package released by Microsoft for such scenarios? or any other way we can have them together.

Somesh Yadav replied to Raja yashwanth Reddy Gunda on 25-May-12 12:18 AM
check this,
Pat Hartman replied to Raja yashwanth Reddy Gunda on 26-May-12 11:41 PM
Open any code module in design view and check the references.  Fix any that are marked MISSING and compile.  Fix any compile errors.
You can run these databases with A2010.  A2002 is 10 years old and not supported any more.
[)ia6l0 iii replied to Raja yashwanth Reddy Gunda on 28-May-12 01:19 PM
As stated above, there is no support. 

But run the Windows Update on your new machine with Windows 7 - there ought to be some updates that will be installed. Maybe it will fix the erroneous behavior. 

Hope this helps.