Windows 7 - windows Qns in general - Asked By sachin s on 24-May-12 12:16 PM

I need answers for these pls

1) How can I come to knw whthr the installed windows OS is a genuine version or not, by myself(I mean without any pop msg from the system saying that, "This is not a genuine version of windows")?

2) Where in the system can we check whthr the graphic card (or any other additional driver like)is installed for my system?

3) Any idea in which file does all the passwords of Admin ,which he uses for login,are stored? How to access that, with minimal privelages for a normal user?

4) Which are all the important files(.dll) that the system uses while booting...I mean, smetimes system does not boot properly bcause of these files,if they are missing..I want the names of those files(major ones) ! Where can we get those files if n case, the system fails to boot?

Advanced Thanks.
LIJO PHILIP replied to sachin s on 24-May-12 10:46 PM
1. click on start>right click on computer>click on properties>at the bottom if you see a ask for genuine microsoft software and a key then its genuine.

2. right click on desktop>then screen resolution>click on advanced settings>if you see adapter type and all info then you have it installed. other way is hust right click on desktop>if you see nvidia or ati control panel or just graphics comtrols then you have it

3.The files are "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\SAM" and "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\SYSTEM" (suppose you installed your Windows under C:\WINDOWS). can use this link to fix them for free or use some softwares like tuneup utilities 

LIJO PHILIP replied to sachin s on 24-May-12 10:50 PM
the files needed for booting is explained here. 
Somesh Yadav replied to sachin s on 25-May-12 12:25 AM
try this,
Goniey N (Mr. G) replied to sachin s on 25-May-12 01:24 AM
Ans - 1 :

Click Window key from keyboard or click on start menu using mouse. goto Computer->Right Click on it->Select Property.
It will show you that is it Genuine Version or not?

Ans - 2:

Click Window key from keyboard or click on start menu using mouse. goto Computer->Right Click on it->Select Property->Click on Device Manage left upper side of the form.

It will open a window & in that there is one option called "Display Adapter". It will show you the detail of the graphic card.

See below image :

Ans - 3:

As LIJO said.....

Ans - 4:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\ & C:\WINDOWS\system\ contains all important dll files....

Hope this will help you...
[)ia6l0 iii replied to sachin s on 28-May-12 09:09 AM
For Q1 - If you don't have the windows update run on the machine even once, or accepted to run "Genuine advantage test" when you visited the Microsoft websites, you can't figure out whether your Operating System is a genuine one. The labels wouldn't appear as in advice above. The best way is to check online using the genuine validator. Below is the url. Navigate there, and click on "Validate" and you will see the result. 

For Q2 - Run Microsoft's Direct X Diagnostic tool. Type "dxdiag" in your run menu and press the enter key.  You will find a window like below. Go to the "Display" tab, and you will find the device installed in the left section and other details pertaining to it.  There are other easy ways to figure this out in Windows 7, but this tip works for all versions.

For Q3 - You cannot retrieve this from a lower priveleged account. However, for the sake of completeness, if you type rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr in run menu and follow the captions on the buttons, you will see the saved passwords. 

For Q4 - There is no use building a list of files as they vary from Operating Sytem to Operating System. It is better you hide the System and other operating files from your normal view, and do a system restore/repair when the system fails to boot. To hide the operating files, follow these steps. 

a) Go to control panel - Folder Options.  Go to view tab, and check the option as shown below. 

Hope this helps.