VB.NET - Convert project to visual studio 2010

Asked By Rohan Dave on 30-May-12 09:38 AM

I have one project built in visual studio 2005 in vb.net. I have used Devexpress 7 controls in my project. 

Now i want to convert my project to visual studio 2012 vb.net. I have already installed Devexpress 11 on my system. Also i have try by converting project using Devexpress project converter and also by opening old vb.net project in visual studio 2010 directly. So it will ask me for project conversion , once project is converted i am not able to open design of any form.

Can anyone please guide me how to convert project correctly with new devexpress controls ?

Thanks in advance !!   
Jitendra Faye replied to Rohan Dave on 31-May-12 12:06 AM
Just open you project in Visual Studo 2010, it will ask you to migrate your application to 2010, just follow the steps,

it will automatically convert your application to 2010.