Lounge - answer - Asked By rahul patil on 31-May-12 08:12 AM

i done school management system keeping record of student ,fees , events etc i use web application for that
but if examiner ask why you choose web application and not windows applications what should i tell please reply me any reasons for that i get confused for the answer

Somesh Yadav replied to rahul patil on 31-May-12 08:16 AM

When you begin developing applications with a user interface, you can use either Windows Forms or Web Forms. Both have full design-time support within the development environment, and can provide a rich user interface and advanced application functionality to solve business problems. Because of this feature parity, you might find it difficult to decide which technology is appropriate for a given application.

Certain application considerations might make the choice obvious. For example, if you are creating an e-commerce Web site that will be accessible to the public over the Internet, you would develop the application using Web Forms pages. If you are building a processing-intensive, highly responsive application that needs the full functionality of the client computer—such as an office productivity application—you would use Windows Forms. However, in other cases the choice might not be so clear.

The following sections discuss the features and characteristics of each technology to help you determine which is best suited to your application.
for more information refer to the below link,
When to Use Windows Forms
When to Use Web Forms


kalpana aparnathi replied to rahul patil on 31-May-12 08:17 AM

Your project in school management which is so simple for manageing  data of the school that is not need to web application because of the handling school data by the administrater so no need to publically specified to the web.My advise is that do window application which is more preferable for handling school management.

rahul patil replied to kalpana aparnathi on 31-May-12 08:22 AM
but  my application is intranet not internet
dipa ahuja replied to rahul patil on 31-May-12 09:49 AM
To develop a project the main thing you have to understand is its concept..
Once you understand its concept and working you will be able the decide its design and its database working.
I thing you will get better idea when you visit any school and observe and ask about their working because this way you will get real thing and the real working of it..
After visiting you will get idea about how they work .. and then based on those system decide how much tables and forms you will need and what type of datatypes and relationsheeps between tables
this is just starting after that in you code if you get any problem you can ask here
Jitendra Faye replied to rahul patil on 31-May-12 10:31 AM
If you are using web application then it is easy to access this application in more that one system.

but for windows application you will be dependant for any particular system.