Lounge - Reminder to Participants - Asked By Peter Bromberg on 11-Jun-12 03:49 PM

At Eggheadcafe.com, we take a very dim view of people copy/pasting answers to posts from other sites. Not only does this border on plagiarism, it also lowers our search engine rankings.

If you want to draw on information that's  on another site to help you formulate your own original response to a post, that's perfectly OK. Or, if you want to post a copied code snippet, you'll need to change the snippet enough to make it unique.

Our moderators check every post for these policy violations and we remove almost all of the offending posts.  Repeat violators can have their accounts deleted and forfeit contest points.
Neha Garg replied to Peter Bromberg on 11-Jun-12 03:48 PM
Agreed..... everyone (Including me) have to follow these rules, also it will help the person who posted his doubt or question n getting the unique and proper solution....

Also it has been observed the mixing of the posts... please try to use New Post for your question if it is not related to the already posted Question.....

Thanks Peter.......

Jitendra Faye replied to Peter Bromberg on 10-Jun-12 03:53 AM
Hi Peter,

I am also agreed with your suggested options.

Yes, Member should avoid copy and paste from other sites,

If any person is copying and pasting the answer from other sites then that person
should include the original answer's source links.