Lounge - Is it only short query when click on "New Post" .

Asked By S K on 11-Jun-12 04:46 AM
So once posted short query than only comes long description of that query this is one extra step to post query on forum . so in my point of view this step should be removed..
Robbe Morris replied to S K on 11-Jun-12 10:25 AM
We have a real problem with people posting awful subject lines with very little detail for the question.  This is a first attempt at at least getting a better subject/title for the post.  So far, it is helping but people are leaving the longer text blank or just skipping the step.  Not sure yet whether that is a good thing or not.

[)ia6l0 iii replied to S K on 11-Jun-12 12:47 PM
Yeah. This step should be alright. You will get used to it. 

Members spend a good amount of time to figure out what the question means, or what the OP actually wants the members to help with. This two-step procedure will definitely help you to post questions in a better fashion.

Remember, a problem well-stated is a problem half - solved. 

Thank you.
S K replied to Robbe Morris on 11-Jun-12 11:37 PM
In my point of view the two steps are ok but there should be required validation for detail text than user can't skip it .They mush give any short description for that post.
bipin pathak replied to S K on 12-Jun-12 07:52 AM
yes this is the right and good step . As no one can describe the problem in single line. 

first line is for heading of problem as whole problem can't be displayed at a time,

as much the problem is described it will become more easier to another person to understand the real problem and soon the person will get the answer * correct answer .