ASP.NET - Reminders in - Asked By madhu .. on 13-Jun-12 09:19 AM

I created web application where set reminder by user on my application.Now i want to send mail to particular user to remind the reminder automatically. 
dipa ahuja replied to madhu .. on 13-Jun-12 01:50 PM
You can send mail automatically using the global.asax file..
Add a Global.asax file in your website and write this in Applicaation_Start event
void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
  DateTime dt=DateTime.Now;
    //Write the code to send email
This will send mail on every month's 1st date
kalpana aparnathi replied to madhu .. on 13-Jun-12 02:00 PM

Use below referance link which gives idea for reminder.

Jitendra Faye replied to madhu .. on 15-Jun-12 01:54 AM
Reference from-


You might create a simple application just sending e-mail. You can start this application using available Scheduler service without programming, just using available application AT.EXE or SchTasks.EXE.