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How to hide all the tabs in the bottom of the excel sheet & also how to hide all the left hand row numbers in excel sheet.

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[)ia6l0 iii replied to sachin s on 13-Jun-12 10:00 PM
In excel 2003, you would need to go to "Tools" menu. And then select "Options" and then go to "View" tab. 
Scrolldown to Windows options, and then you will find an option to select or deselect the "sheet tabs". 

However, in Excel 2007 and greater,  you will have to go to Excel options under the main ribbon, and then choose Advanced. To your right scroll down to the two options highlighted below. One is to hide the sheet tabs, and the second hides row and column headers. There is no way to hide the row header alone.

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Jitendra Faye replied to sachin s on 14-Jun-12 12:47 AM
To hide the Tabs FOLLOW THESE steps-

go to


NOw  uncheck
Sheet Tabs checkbox.

Try this and let me know.
Neha Garg replied to sachin s on 14-Jun-12 12:57 PM

you just have to use the below shortcut key to hide or unhide the tabs from the bottom:

ALT + o,h,h to hide the active sheet.

ALT + o,h,u
and select the sheet to unhide.

and to hide and unhide the left side Row numbers....

go to the page layout ---> and uncheck the heading view See the below screenshot:

It will be easy for you to hide or unhide...when you are working on it......
sachin s replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 15-Jun-12 01:36 PM
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