Lounge - Value of MCA Part time - Asked By Ravi Maurya on 14-Jun-12 12:40 PM

Hi Friends,

I have my graduation in Bsc. IT and passed with first class mark and currently I am working as a Software Developer from last 1 year and now I am thinking for further studies but very much confused that should I do "Certification" or"Mast Degree in MCA".

But I come to know from few of the industrial people even my colleagues where saying that part time degree hold not much value in MNC's is that true..?? or if not than please suggest me from which university I should do my master I am thinking to do it from IGNOU or Sikkim Manipal.

And if the part time master degree is not holding so much value than please suggest me few Certification which I can do.

Any help and suggestion is most welcome.

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Maurya
Robbe Morris replied to Ravi Maurya on 14-Jun-12 02:32 PM
If you are interested in furthering your career in programming, then the ability to demonstrate your skills in current programming techniques and technologies is where your focus should rest.  A piece of papering certifying that you showed up for class and could pass a written exam does nothing to help the interviewer decide whether you are worth the effort.

If it were me, I'd write a few little sample applications that you could write to a cheap USB drive.  Put your .NET code on the drive and give multiple a USB drive to the people you interview with.  They'll be impressed that you took the time.  Plus, they can quickly identify how organized your mind is and how well you know technology.  What will end up happening is that they'll ask you a gazillion questions about your code and forget talking about your weak resume.  In your case, that is a very, very good thing.  If you handle the questions about your code, you are in...  Simple as that.