PHP - Free Classifieds Website Templates - Asked By Bigboy on 15-Jun-12 04:16 AM

May I please have free classifieds website templates for a mining company. I also need advise on how to develop a classifieds website.

Thank you
Jitendra Faye replied to Bigboy on 15-Jun-12 04:51 AM

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dipa ahuja replied to Bigboy on 16-Jun-12 05:52 PM
Hi.. you can download so many readymade templates for which you don't need to desing any thing.
or search on google like "Website template"
But i suggest you some quick and beginning steps if you couldnt find good template
1. Decide first the color combination for your site
2. Create a logo for your site in the Adobe Photoshop (based on the color combination)
3. Create a css file and add some classes.
4. Add Skin files (only if you require)
5. Add a flash file which display some pictures related to your site's topic)
6. Add the required images for your site etc..
and also if you want quick templates then there is one site:it provides lots of themes which we can use in our website.