Microsoft Word - The remove watermark option doesn't work in a Word 2007 template

Asked By Charlene Quinlan on 15-Jun-12 03:43 PM
There is a watermark in a template I have been working on. Now that it is time to remove it, it won't go away. I have gone to Page SetUp, Watermark and Remove Watermark.
Vikram Singh Saini replied to Charlene Quinlan on 15-Jun-12 10:52 PM
I downloaded a watermarked word template. Tried to remove watermark following your steps. And failed last.

Because the watermark was putted in the textbox in header. And then it was dragged to the center of the page.

So my suggestion for trying to remove watermark is:

(1) Right click on the header portion of the word document.
(2) Select Edit Header option.
(3) Try to double click in edited header portion. Sometimes you would need to give try by clicking in different parts of same.

(4) Now the watermark textbox gets selected. Delete it by keyboard's Delete button. Done!

Hope this helps.
Charlene Quinlan replied to Vikram Singh Saini on 18-Jun-12 10:59 AM
It worked, thank you.