C# .NET - access facebook page management in C#

Asked By muthuraman alexander on 18-Jun-12 03:24 AM
hi all ,
 i have created a facebook application using facebook c# sdk.
with that i getting the user info..
but i need to get the page info for particular user..
im using  Asp.Net 3.5,C#...   VS-2008
how can i acheive this..
Pls advice me..

thanks in advance
Venkat K replied to muthuraman alexander on 18-Jun-12 04:19 AM
Hope this gives you a light for you:

Jitendra Faye replied to muthuraman alexander on 18-Jun-12 04:35 AM

You can get  libraries  for Facebook and .NET is the Facebook C# SDK.


Here you will get some  sample projects for integrating your Facebook app with ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, and WebForms.

One of the nice features of this library is it's use of dynamic objects. This article explains the advantages of using dynamic over strongly typed methods.


Using the Json.NET library, serializing the dynamic responses to POCO is very straightforward.

Hope this will help you

dipa ahuja replied to muthuraman alexander on 18-Jun-12 09:22 AM
Go to this url:


You will get all the learning codes and features of facebook there.