SQL Server - java.io.IOException: java.io.IOException: Non nillable element 'name' is null.

Asked By Bhawana on 18-Jun-12 12:34 PM
hi all,

please help me,

i am trying to execute below mention sql query in IBM INFORMIX and getting error called
"java.io.IOException: java.io.IOException: Non nillable element 'name' is null."

same query is working fine on sql server

declare @Dtls varchar(100)

set @Dtls = '7201, DEV, F1-007\F1-D31'

select left(@Dtls,CHARINDEX(',', @Dtls, 0) -1) as Column1,

left(ltrim(substring(replace(@Dtls,left(@Dtls,CHARINDEX(',', @Dtls, 0)),''), CHARINDEX(',', @Dtls, 0) + 1,len(@dtls))),1) as Column2,

right(left(@Dtls,CHARINDEX('-', @Dtls, 0)-1),1) as Column3,

substring(@Dtls,CHARINDEX('-', @Dtls, 0)+1 ,(CHARINDEX('\', @Dtls, 0)) -(CHARINDEX('-', @Dtls, 0))-1 )  as Column4

Jitendra Faye replied to Bhawana on 19-Jun-12 01:03 AM
I think this is because of index problem,

Refer this link-


Hope this will help you.