SharePoint - Workflow in shpd 2010 does not shows the changes after publishin!!!!

Asked By Bookworm on 19-Jun-12 08:04 AM

i have a problem, i add actions in my workflow, and they are saved but  after publishing the workflow, those actions dont run. Any idea? it is very urgent to me, i reall dont know what is going on, because yesterday it was OK.

Jacques Lopes dos Santos replied to Bookworm on 20-Jun-12 07:27 AM
That happened to me once too. I believe it was because I've changed a library's form field that was been used by the workflow. I fixed that by deleting the library and workflow, recreating both of them. However, you did not specify what type of library you are using or even if it is a library, then I don't know if my solution can help your case. Good luck.
Bookworm replied to Jacques Lopes dos Santos on 20-Jun-12 07:33 AM
it was cache problem :)) i solved it