Silverlight / WPF - Handle Browser Refresh in Silverlight MVVM pattern

Asked By gopal krish on 19-Jun-12 08:14 AM


i was logged into user main page then i pressed f5 key means the page will come to login page.

how to avoid this..

i am using MVVM pattern.

need ur suggestions with examples



Robbe Morris replied to gopal krish on 19-Jun-12 08:16 AM
You'll probably have to use some form of cookie to stop unwanted behavior in this situation.  You can't stop the user from refreshing their page.
gopal krish replied to Robbe Morris on 19-Jun-12 08:21 AM
hi robbie..

thanks for ur reply..

how to set form or cookies concept in SL MVVM pattern..
can u give some examples for the same..