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 How to change the system screen resolution using command promt, if the right click , control panel has been blocked.
I want to increase the font size of the icons as it apperas to small..

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Sachin S
dipa ahuja replied to sachin s on 19-Jun-12 08:26 AM
If control panel is block then you may have not permission to change the settings. and may be from command prompt too you cannot change the setting which you are not allowed.
TSN ... replied to sachin s on 19-Jun-12 09:12 AM


For your need there are Couple of tools which can help you in setting the screen resolution


After getting this you can just simply call

QRes.exe /x:800 /y:600

For more details  refer the link below

Ravi Maurya replied to sachin s on 19-Jun-12 09:19 AM
Try this 

Hold the ctrl key and move your mouse scroller up and down
sachin s replied to Ravi Maurya on 19-Jun-12 09:58 AM
ya that part i know, it works only with documents, i want the same to happen with desktop icons, other windows etc...
Jitendra Faye replied to sachin s on 19-Jun-12 10:09 AM
Reference from-


The only way to change screen resolutions via code is to tap into Win32 API and call either


If you do a search on the web, you can find documentation for these methods, and how to use them. You may also need to look up about using Win32 API calls in your .NET program if you are unfamiliar with this.

There is no built in way in the framework to change screen resolutions.
[)ia6l0 iii replied to sachin s on 23-Jun-12 01:46 PM
You may have luck using third party tools that change the windows screen mode like QRes or NirCmd (I found them through the search), because the access to control panel does not control access to modify the screen resolution. 

If at all you happen to use one of the above mentioned ones, this is the syntax. 
QRes.exe /x:1024 /y:768
nircmd.exe setdisplay 1024 768

Hope this helps.