Other Issues - error: java.lang.ClassCastException when using RAD 7.5.3,WAS7.1, cannot start server.

Asked By parimaladevi palanichamy on 19-Jun-12 09:36 AM
Hi Team,

Please help me in solving the below issue.

I am using RAD 7.5.3 and WAS 7.1 server for my application. When i am trying starting the applications, its not getting started and after a long time, its throwing "error: java.lang.ClassCastException". Eventhough i had tried by increasing the time count from 300seconds to 600 seconds, am facing the same problem.

I tried in the following ways:

1. Removing the project(ear) from the server, the same problem.
2. With the project in the server, the same problem.

I tried restarting, increasing the time count, but in none of the ways, i am unable to start the server. Please help in fixing this issue. It will be more good if i get reply soon. Thanks.

Thanks & Regards,
Parimaladevi Palanichamy.
[)ia6l0 iii replied to parimaladevi palanichamy on 19-Jun-12 10:51 PM
This has nothing to do with your server or your project configuration. 

The error message says that there is an error occurred of type "ClassCast" exception which means that object of one specific type could not successfully be casted to the requested type. 

So, in your Error, if you look at the class it should read "java.lang.ClassCastException". Read the Message property of this object. It will tell you why this error failed.