ASP.NET - how to enable/disable link button in in chrome broswer?

Asked By rajeev chandra on 20-Jun-12 12:26 AM
I am able to use the following code for the link button for enable/disable 

enable :
$('#<%=LinkButton1.ClientID%>').attr('disabled', false);

$('#<%=LinkButton1.ClientID%>').attr('disabled', true); -> when you click on link button nothing should work (This behaviour is also working fine in IE)

It is working fine in Internet Explorer But the same is not working in Chrome browser

How to achieve above functionality in Chrome Browser?

Please help me ASAP.

TSN ... replied to rajeev chandra on 20-Jun-12 12:38 AM


here is the code that is tested in Chrome and firefox ,


$('#<%=LinkButton1.ClientID%>').toggleClass("disabledLink");      //This will simply toggle the class

Use the Below CSS


    z-index:-1;            /*Make it not clickable*/


    opacity: .5;            /*Lighter*/



Jitendra Faye replied to rajeev chandra on 20-Jun-12 12:42 AM
Change your code like this-

$("#LinkButton1").attr("disabled", "disabled");

To enable:

LinkButton1 ").removeAtrr("disabled");

rajeev chandra replied to Jitendra Faye on 20-Jun-12 12:58 AM
It is working in IE but not in Chrome 

please suggest me the answer working on both browsers