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I have an ZXDSL 831 SERIES Connected to D-Link DIR-615 (model) wireless router and a web server connected to this D-Link router. In the private network I have access to lan, wlan and internet using this devices. The ZXDSL uses IP for Lan Interface. The D-Link router uses a DHCP to assign IPs to its clients in the range to My server uses and the ZXDSL is configured to forward requets from port 80 to servers IP. Also the ZXDSL uses public IP. The problem is that my web server is not accessible from outside my private network. If I remove the d-link router, it becames visible. If I add itback the server becomes invisible from internet while I do access internet. So, how to solve this?
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On your router, I doubt if Port Forwarding is set up correctly. Also note that, the way you access your webserver from outside is important - do you hit with port 80? And is there a rule in port forwarding section that routes all requests from port 80 on the public ip, to the port that the webserver is listening to?

And note that you need to access the Router's public ip, to access the web server via a router.
Hope this helps.
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The D-Link does not have loopback features. You need to test from the outside internet, not from the inside local network

Asked By Dom Afonso on 27-Jun-12 05:46 PM
Now. works.