Lounge - about resume - Asked By rahul patil on 21-Jun-12 02:31 AM

i completed my M.SC.(comp) i done my internship in small scale3 company i done the project module only also i completed my 10th 12th and degree in one tahsil in nashik district now looking for job in pune ,i am in pune for M.sc(comp), i have distinction in 10th,degree, first class in PG but i have only 51% in 12th because of only my wrong decision so i have to face a lot of problems now can any one provides openion about my condition also i want that my resume should be different from others and that  will impress interviewer also when i include all academic projects i the resume becomes  4 pages long that is bad thanks  so please provide best resume format not from net thanks
Robbe Morris replied to rahul patil on 21-Jun-12 09:06 AM
Well, for starters, you'll need to drastically improve your written English language skills.  If your resume is written with the same skill as your post here, anyone reading it in the United States would get the impression that you are very poorly educated.  Thus, would simply throw your resume away.

Now, you might take my response as incredibly insulting and condescending.  It isn't intended to be that way.  My interest here is helping you get the job you are after and this is a critical area that you need to address in order to be successful.
rahul patil replied to Robbe Morris on 08-Sep-12 01:46 PM
Thanks friend for reply but the thing is to provide solution if you understand my post that's why i post the question without
taking English seriously