C# .NET - how to insert remote image(html imgtag src as remote) in word document using aspose.words?

Asked By deepi singh on 22-Jun-12 03:06 AM
here iam getting image from remote serve url....i too used latest version aspose.words version..actually aspose.words downloads images before isnerting into word document.....the url which u have given works fine.......but here iam getting image from server thts the probs..in tht case aspose.words is not downloading image from remote server ..i think thts y iam geting cross mark in final output word document or pdf......

how to insert remote image in word document using documentbuilder.inserthtml in aspose.words?

When the URL for the image is "localhost," the image displays correctly in the document.  When the url is a remote host, the image does not display.  It is replaced with a small box containing an x. 

How do I get a remote image to display correctly?  The image displays fine in IE or Outlook, just not a document created from Aspose.

iam unable to give tht sample remote image url..becoz it will be accessble from here only..not from other systems....if any one try to access tht remote image url from outside systems....then no image will display...

Vikram Singh Saini replied to deepi singh on 22-Jun-12 10:09 PM
See my 4th comment as solution to this problem at http://www.eggheadcafe.com/community/csharp/2/10457802/insert-html-image-in-word-document-using-docbuilder-not-working.aspx