ASP.NET - Report Viewer of Crystal report is not suporting on Server

Asked By Rajan Singh on 22-Jun-12 03:06 AM
Report Viewer of Crystal report  is not suporting on Server Pls reply the Solution but it's working properly on localhost
Robbe Morris replied to Rajan Singh on 22-Jun-12 08:19 AM
Is it installed on the server?  
Rajan Singh replied to Robbe Morris on 23-Jun-12 04:30 AM
Yes I have installed  sap standard version of crystal report. but now it's not working
Vikram Singh Saini replied to Rajan Singh on 26-Jun-12 08:16 PM
Working on local host but not on Server

(1) Which Server ? Specify details of server.

(2) Report viewer not supporting  What type of error or problem you are facing. Would help us to understand more if elaborated.