VB.NET - Not able to convert DevExpress controls to DevExpress 11.2 in VB.Net project

Asked By Rohan Dave on 22-Jun-12 06:08 AM

I have one project in VB.Net 2005 having dex express controls v7.3.4.0. I have download free version of devexpress v11.2 and installed it.

Now i want to convert my entire VB.net 2005 project to VB.net 2010. I am not able to directly convert 2005 project to 2010 by opening 2005 project files in visual studio 2010.  So first i have tried to convert DevExpress controls to 11.2 version by "Project Converter" tool available in Dev Express itself.. But it's not converting designer & resx files. It's skipping that files..

It's urgent.. Can anyone please help me here ?

Thanks in advance !!

[)ia6l0 iii replied to Rohan Dave on 22-Jun-12 12:54 PM
You cannot. 

There are tons of changes done between the two versions you mentioned. And I am sure even the "Project convertor" that the DevExpress provides won't be able to do it. 

This is what I would suggest you to do. 
a) Migrate the 2005 visual studio solution to 2010 visual studio.
b) Change all references to dev Express in the UI/Web project to the latest version you have download. 
c) Compile the project. 

Few of the methods or properties may be backward compatible and may be available. But my gut feeling says that most of the features won't be available, and you would have to search for the functionality in their latest suite of controls, and rewrite their code. 

Hope this helps.